Start with a clean slate by cleaning up identity data and flagging potential fraudulent accounts.

Start with a clean slate by cleaning up identity data and flagging potential fraudulent accounts.

ID Dataweb’s batch process identifies incorrect data, consolidates customer records, and assesses risk factors. Increase marketing efficiency, increase security, and increase productivity by cleaning your identity data.

ID Dataweb provides four batch templates to make it easy to quickly and easily have clean user data as your first step towards a full lifecycle of identity verification and fraud reduction.


Increase your marketing efficiency by cleaning your customer data. Watch conversion rates increase as you focus attention on live active accounts.

CustomerCleanse validates a user’s identity to ensure accuracy by correlating attributes like name to SSN, phone address, or birthday, independently verifying claimed identity through credit bureaus, phone records, and government databases. This template flags fraudulent, synthetic, or high-risk user records, including checking for OFAC sanctions and deceased records. Checking against risk consortium data, CustomerCleanse will also flag inactive or high-risk phone numbers and email addresses.

Use cases:


Increase customer satisfaction by eliminating potential bad actors & inactive accounts

ICAM Upgrade

Start a new portal with clean data reducing the risk of fraud

Marketing program

Increase conversion by only targeting active accounts with accurate data


UniqueID verifies user data and assigns an SSN-alternative unique ID for each individual user in a directory, identifying duplicates and related records.

Create a holistic view of each customer from across multiple directories to increase customer satisfaction, lower friction for your customers, and increase your revenue per customer. Using Lexis Nexis’ LexID technology, you are able to compare your customer records to a comprehensive database of over 270+ million domestic users, consolidating accounts and identifying additional customer opportunities.

Use cases:

Mergers & Acquisitions

After M&A, identify customer overlap and unlock marketing potential to disparate customer populations

Duplicate Consolidation

Identify users controlling multiple accounts to increase customer satisfaction, reduce friction, and lower customer service cost

Master Data Management

Generate unique IDs in MDM or Virtual Directories to link accounts for digital transformation

MFA SecurityCheck

Secure your users and identify risk before rolling out MFA.

The point of multi-factor authentication is to increase security so reduce your risk by only rolling it out to users who pass security and risk checks. Use MFA SecurityCheck to evaluate the risk of all emails and phone numbers in the directory. This batch process will check for high-risk emails, ported phone numbers, VOIP, inactive lines, and high-risk phone numbers by checking against a variety of risk consortium databases.

Use cases:

MFA Rollout

Reduce risk of bad actors getting MFA credentials

Continuous Risk Evaluation

Heighten security by continuously monitoring risk signals for early warning of phished and compromised accounts

B2B UserCleanse

Increase security by ensuring only active users connected to your partners have access to your systems.

Maintaining 3rd Party access to your systems is difficult when you don’t control who works at your partners’ and contractors’ firms. Solve that with consistent cleansing of your 3rd party B2B directory, checking for inactive emails and consistent data across that company. B2B UserCleanse will return company information associated with your emails, including company name, address, phone, and DUNS number while also determining active/inactive email addresses to help determine if that 3rd party user is still associated with that company. Your B2B systems are your lifeline to seamless productivity, make sure only the correct users have access to them.

Use cases:

Automate B2B Lifecycle Management

Keep your access accurate with ongoing checks for data integrity and user activity.

B2B Directory Cleanup

Lower risk and ensure accurate access before rolling out new systems to 3rd party users.

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