Prevent Identity Fraud

Prevent Identity Fraud

You need digital trust with your users. ID Dataweb provides that digital trust to prevent account takeover and account opening fraud across all channels. As you move towards 100% digital interactions, ensure that the digital person is the physical person you’re expecting, whether it is a customer, partner or employee.

ID Dataweb provides a frictionless yet highly secure process to provide that digital trust with the user by verifying their identity to the highest level of assurance during onboarding, registration, help desk calls or authentication.

Pass Rates
Deployment Time
Build digital trust.

Build digital trust.

Stop Account Fraud Across ALL Channels

Cross-channel fraud detection stops fraud via the web, mobile applications and the call center.

Ongoing Risk Analysis

Fraud detection is not a one-time event. Proof identities during any credential issuance and continue assessing risk during all authentications.

Single Integration Point

Access to 70+ best-in-class data and verification services with a single contract and single standards-based or API integration.

Higher Pass Rates

Utilize out-of-the-box verification workflows to ensure that all users have the opportunity to pass verification with minimal friction.

Configurable Policies

Customize workflows and policies to match your security needs and user experience to the asset being protected and the type of user.

Extremely Fast Deployment

Utilize pre-built templates to improve security faster and integrate seamlessly with your IAM infrastructure.

Any organization, whether public or private sector, that needs excellent identity vetting and fraud reduction capabilities should put ID Dataweb on their consideration list.

- Kuppinger Cole Fraud Reduction Intelligence Platform Leadership Compass

How we do it

ID Dataweb operates an orchestration platform that combines data and signals from over 70 attribute providers to ensure the most extremely accurate identity proofing and fraud detection, all with a single interface for an organization.

This platform offers proofing capabilities with all three factors (what you have, what you are, what you know) to give consistency and as many chances for a good actor to pass as possible.

How we do it
An internet-scale identity verification and fraud reduction platform based on standards.

An internet-scale identity verification and fraud reduction platform based on standards.

ID Dataweb is an integrated identity security company that provides identity verification, adaptive authentication, and multi-factor authentication through our patented cloud service, the Attribute Exchange Network (AXN).

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