ID Dataweb provides Digital Trust

ID Dataweb provides Digital Trust

ID Dataweb provides cross-channel digital trust to prevent account takeover and account opening fraud. As organizations move towards 100% digital interactions with their users, they need to ensure that the digital person on the other end of the line is the physical person they are expecting, whether it’s a customer, partner, or employee. ID Dataweb provides a frictionless yet highly secure process to provide digital trust with the user by verifying their identity to the highest level of assurance.

ID Dataweb orchestrates data and signals from over 70 best-of-breed attribute providers, distilling all of the digital information about a user into a discrete policy decision, allowing an organization to know whether they trust the relationship between the digital online person and the real-life person they want to do business with.

Whether the user is a customer, partner, employee, or citizen, ID Dataweb provides trust for call center, web, and mobile interactions allowing an organization to grow revenue, increase security, and lower costs in this world of digital transformation.

A trusted team of professionals to provide digital trust

ID Dataweb was born from the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) as they worked to define how to best build a trust-based network. Founded in 2016, ID Dataweb has successfully performed over 200 million risk and identity verification transactions for F500 enterprises, consumer-facing brands, and government agencies.

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