How We Do It

ID Dataweb orchestrates identity and risk signals from over 70 best in class verification services (credit bureaus, telcos, government databases, etc) to securely and easily verify identities.

We leverage our years of experience and hundreds of millions of transactions to provide standardized templates and workflows designed to get the perfect level of assurance for each use case.
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Calculate a single trust score from dozens of signals

Create a simple policy based on templates to return a single trust score. Analyze and evaluate signals from what the user has, what they know, and/or what they are to create a level of assurance equal to the level of access being granted.

One single interface with one single contract gets you access to every attribute provider on our network.

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No single identity verification process works for every single use case. Utilize ID Dataweb’s workflows to verify a user using multiple methods. If the user cannot pass a "what they have" challenge (phone possession and matching ownership), step them up to combined "what they are" & "what they have" challenge (take a selfie and match to a government ID), or even a "what they know" challenge (configurable KBA questions from a credit bureau). Mix and match these methods in a workflow to provide the most secure and seamless user experience.


Utilize ID Dataweb’s vast experience in identity verification and fraud reduction by quickly deploying best-in-class templates. We provide pre-built templates to allow you to get started with workflows that have worked for many of the top companies in the world.

Each template can be customized if you would rather use different underlying vendors or have a slightly different security or user experience need.

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Use Cases

One time verification for new account openings


AXN Verify

Identity Verification Workflows

AXN Manage

Identity and Device Risk Assessment And MFA

AXN Batch

One-Time Cleanup Of Identities