Attribute Partners

Our Attribute Partners cover four billion identities in over 80 countries and our multitude of global partners ensures not only the most accurate and complete coverage of attribute information but also ensures competition to keep your costs low. Our AXN™ service provides all of the information you need to verify an identity, conduct background checks, verify education or employment,  and more. We provide a single consistent API that insulates you from the complexity of many different attribute providers and a single contract that covers all permissible use and consent requirements.

Identity Providers

Our identity providers include top social and internet brands, like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and PayPal. Our services provide seamless federation of login with support for any protocol, trust framework or internal integration. We have the ability for convenient single sign-in (SSO) - whether Web SSO, mobile devices or legacy applications. Overall, ID DataWeb's AXN™ has a better user experience - we enhance user experience by simplifying interfaces and leveraging known contexts.

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