ID Dataweb, IBM Collaborate on Integrating Identity Verification Solution – Biometric Update

June 4, 2024
By Abhishek Jadhav

ID Dataweb, a provider of cross-channel identity verification solutions, has partnered with IBM to enhance identity verification processes. Through this collaboration, the IBM Security Verify platform will be able to manage access to systems and secure applications, while enhancing fraud prevention.

By integrating their solutions, the two companies aim to simplify the identity verification process, allowing companies to confirm user identities and maintain high-security measures. ID Dataweb’s identity verification solution will help in ensuring that only authorized users have access.

“By leveraging ID Dataweb with IBM Security Verify, our joint customers can orchestrate valuable identity verification capabilities – including helping to streamline fraud prevention,” says Milan Patel, senior product manager of IBM Security Verify.

The integrated solution offers administrators pre-built templates for creating customized identity-proofing journeys, the company says. The orchestration tools allow security architects to manage different aspects of the identity verification process.

The identity-proofing workflows are certified at Identity Assurance Level 2 (IAL 2) and cover a range of identity verification tasks, such as password resets, multi-factor authentication, and new account creation.

According to the news, the verification and authentication of user identities on the IBM platform are intended to prevent account takeover fraud. The workflows also serve to mitigate instances of account opening fraud.

“We look forward to leveraging the ID Dataweb platform to create even more advanced functionality for organizations as our decentralized identity and verifiable credentials capabilities orchestrate portable, verified, and user-centric identity,” Patel adds.

ID Dataweb solution is designed to offer comprehensive identity proofing and fraud detection capabilities across diverse channels, including web platforms and mobile applications. This solution uses three factors for identity verification, which include device possession (what you have), biometric identity (what you are), and knowledge-based authentication (what you know).

“Our identity verification workflows then ensure that the key is given only to the correct users,” says Matt Cochran, COO of ID Dataweb.