Verification Templates

Save money and time using our streamlined and simplified human identity verification templates.

Verification Templates for Simplified Deployment

ID DataWeb’s goal is to simplify the process of establishing meaningful, ongoing trust with your users through all channels of interaction.

With our solution, the Attribute Exchange Network (AXN), customers have access to a robust platform which can handle several use cases, has policy scoring and reporting capabilities and pulls together thousands of data points across best in class vendors.

Verification Templates represent the best practices for identity verification, fraud prevention and adaptive authentication across the Attribute Exchange Network. Each template is in production with multiple ID DataWeb customers today, and has been preconfigured to address the most common problems enterprises face while establishing digital trust.


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ID DataWeb’s MobileMatch Identity Verification Template allows you to quickly verify legitimate users’ identity, while preventing fraud and identity theft attacks.


BioGovID gives an alternative approach to verify your users by combining something they have (their government issued ID) and something they are (a picture of themselves.)

Adaptive Authentication

ID DataWeb’s Adaptive Authentication template adds thousands of additional transparent signals to your organization’s existing login experience, including device, location, network and behavioral attributes.

Dynamic KBA Verification

Dynamic KBA (Knowledge Based Authentication) allows you to verify your users by challenging them with personalized questions about their past.

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