Information and Communications Technology

The ICT industry is implementing new practices and solutions to drive adoption and separately modifying pricing plans to create incentives to mitigate subscriber churn while driving Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). Carriers continue to seek alternative sources of revenue to include connected cars, tablets, and IoT devices to drive growth and compliment existing revenues.

ID DataWeb's Attribute Exchange Network (AXN™) can enable Service Providers to customize the user experience such as user login with verified identity certificates, device certificates, and a combination of PIN, voice, or live photo (e.g., selfie).

The benefits to using the Level 3 or 4 Carrier certificate and credential:


  • Reduces Carrier subscriber churn and increase ARPU
  • Leverage existing Carrier Account/Device provisioning processes
  • Generate Carrier-based Identity Certificates at LOA 3 and 4
  • Generate Carrier-based derived Identity Certificates for other user devices (e.g., tablets, computers, etc.)
  • Single Sign-Ons for Over-the-Top (OTT) applications
  • Increases user privacy and control over personal information
  • Single AXN™ contract for Carriers and Service Providers to procure identity verification data provider and credential federation services, resulting in more competition, and potentially lowering cost of services.
  • Enables contextual authentication with additional affiliate and enterprise attributes
  • Provision B2B, G2B and B2B2C services with strong Carrier-based certificates
  • Carrier can re-use (without charge) the credentials, attributes and claims




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