AXN™ Digital Identity Verification allows you to verify multiple aspects of customers online to mitigate fraud, achieve compliance, customize digital experiences, and uncover business opportunities. Through the integration of multiple attribute providers, AXN™ Verify allows businesses to inspect 4 tiers of characteristics about the user, enabling high levels of security, customization and understanding.
ID DataWeb understands that user verification should be an ongoing process throughout your user’s interaction with your business – while users may change, their fundamental attributes do not. The AXN™ Gateway combines upfront digital identity verification with ongoing reverification of attributes, allowing changes in the physical world to be identified and handled in your online applications. Businesses can define conditional challenges when anomalies are detected, letting normal users through while stopping fraudsters in their tracks. You can also utilize audit logs to track repeating offenders, and block attempted accesses.
The AXN™ simplifies regulatory compliance by recommending verification templates for certain use cases, like AML/KYC, NIST 800-63-3, or ongoing employment verification. Customers can start with a prepackaged solution, and customize based on their specific business needs – or your security risk requirements.

Verify user asserted PII, scan documents or present knowledge based questions to gain confidence in user’s true identity. Support for 40+ countries.

Validate employment, education, and criminal background, or plug into corporate systems for customized validation.

Confirm user device, which also detects and blocks unauthorized devices – protecting against known malicious devices (botnets,) devices creating multiple accounts, or devices infected with malware.

Corroborate user location, protecting against malicious IP ranges, or users hiding their location behind proxies/VPN.

The results of AXN’s™ 4 tier Digital Identity Verification can be revalidated at login time, and 2FA can be triggered based on anomalies.

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