ID DataWeb makes it possible for users (e.g., employees or customers) to bring their own identity to your business, while exceeding security and compliance requirements.
ID DataWeb can pair an AXN™ Verified Identity to any federated identity provider, including public, social, or corporate managed. The AXN™ can also link additional layers of trust onto the account, including biometrics, certificates and mobile OTP.
This secured identity can then be used to give access to your business using AXN™ Adaptive Authentication.

Let your users choose from public identity providers (Facebook, Google, Microsoft) or federate your own Corporate system using SAML or OpenID Connect.

Add biometric authentication tools, like facial recognition, iris scanning or fingerprint authentication.

Record cellular number for future one-time password challenges. Keep on record for future “Something you have” challenges.

Issue certificates directly to the device, to be used for authentication, email encryption or digital signatures.

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