The Achilles heel in cybersecurity is the theft of user credentials, which allows cybercriminals to gain access to restricted systems for malicious purposes. In addition, end users demand seamless login experiences which don’t get in the way of their productivity. ID DataWeb understands the delicate balance between security and user experience.

AXN™ Adaptive Authentication allows businesses to monitor and detect changes to their AXN™ Verified Identities at every login attempt. Using an intuitive drag and drop interface, companies can model detailed policies to reverify user identity, affiliations, device, and location.

When potential risks or policy exceptions are detected, additional authentication factors are triggered, and users are presented with step-up challenges to confirm their identity. This can include reverification of attributes or other authentication factors set up during AXN™ User Onboarding.

Delegate application login to AXN using SAML or OpenID Connect.

Drag and drop policy editor to customize ABAC and step-up authentication.

Reverify attributes, device, and location, and trigger step up to catch anomalies.

Translate policy results to simple attributes for app authorization.

Adaptive Authentication

Credential theft is widespread and hackers constantly change their method of attack. Our risk based approach to authentication anticipates threats and provides dynamic, real time security that doesn’t slow down your business or create friction for your users.

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