Verify user asserted PII, scan documents or present knowledge based questions to gain confidence in user’s true identity. Support for 40+ countries.

Validate employment, education, and criminal background, or plug into corporate systems for customized validation.

Detect and block risky devices – known malicious devices (botnets,) devices creating multiple accounts, or devices infected with malware.

Detect malicious IP ranges, or users hiding their location behind proxies/VPN.

Let your users choose from public identity providers (Facebook, Google, Microsoft) or federate your own Corporate system using SAML or OpenID Connect.

Add biometric authentication tools, like facial recognition, iris scanning or fingerprint authentication.

Record cellular number for future one time password challenges. Keep on record for future “Something you have” challenges.

Issue certificates directly to the device, to be used for authentication, email encryption or digital signatures.

Delegate application login to AXN using SAML or OpenID Connect.

Drag and drop policy editor to customize ABAC and step-up authentication.

Reverify attributes, device, and location, and trigger step up to catch anomalies.

Translate policy results to simple attributes for app authorization.

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