Financial Services

The Financial Services industry continues to convert services from analog to digital providing more control, flexibility, access, privacy and security for customers. ID DataWeb reduces the risk of compromising your personal identity and information.

  • Control and receive information digitally
  • Save time registering for applications and services
  • Authorize information exchange between financial institutions
  • Verify and track employees access customer information
  • Electronic Identity Verification, Attribute Reconciliation and Augmentation

    • Designed to meet or exceed Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements. Our solution supports a broad range of international electronic identity verification requirements.
    • Complete your identity profiles by obtaining email address, employment or any other attributes from hundreds of global data sources.

    Stakeholder On-boarding and Provisioning

    • Our flexible on-boarding solutions delight the end-user with speed and simplicity. Leveraging social and online credentials they’re already familiar with we augment these to deliver the exact level of assurance you require – up to NIST Level 4
    • We can simultaneously provision multi-factor authentication credentials including biometrics and PKI certificates.
    • We support all the devices your stakeholders have including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more

    Adaptive Authentication, Federation and Single Sign On (SSO)

    • External federation delivers SSO capabilities at much lower cost and without the complicated integrations that server based solutions require. By also providing policy management services the level of assurance can be dynamically adapted to meet real time threats and risks.

    • Reducing the attack surface area of your organization helps you achieve your risk management and security goals

    Secure Communications

    • We can provision low cost credentials that deliver encryption capabilities to facilitate private and confidential communications with email, messaging and documents
    • This allows you to deliver secure content that only the intended recipient can access. You can also get date/time receipts for exactly when the content is accessed

    Digital Signatures

    • Eliminate paper and fully support electronic workflows by using Digital Signatures. Our low cost credentials can be delivered to all the devices your stakeholders use and enable digital signatures that are recognized by US and EU governments and regulators.

    • By leveraging open standards your customers, employees and partners use the devices and applications they already have.