Fraud Prevention

AXN™ understands fraud prevention. Each year, millions of people are the victims on online fraud. Bad guys are getting their hands on more credentials each year, and doing serious damage when they get them.

The AXN™ responds by introducing sophisticated analytics during both the initial registration and ongoing login process. When a user first registers for an account, the app triggers the AXN™ Gateway service, where both the human and device identity are proofed (up to NIST level 4.) These assertions are later rechecked and reverified for anomalies – change in device, suspicious location, user velocity, or changes in 3rd party verified attributes. Using the power of the AXN’s™ extensive network of attribute providers, the customer can benefit from a multi-layered approach to detecting and blocking suspicious behavior, all without getting in the way of your innocent, existing customer base.

Fraud Prevention Solutions

Digital Identity Verificaiton

Secure BYOID

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