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Consumer IT has outpaced Corporate IT. In previous decades, employees would look forward to their office experience due to the elevated technical capabilities provided by the office place – faster internet, access to broad ranges of digital services, IT support for when things don’t go correctly. Now, the tables have turned, and companies are struggling to keep up with end user expectations and demands.

One of the highest friction events in a digital experience is proving who you are. If done poorly, users may be required to login multiple times per day – a new login for every application, new tab/browser session, or based on some arbitrary time based system. This is exactly the type of problem that user experience conscious CISOs are looking to eliminate – how can I retain / improve security posture while also improving user experience?

The Attribute Exchange Network is designed with user experience, consent, and trust as core design principles. The scenario above can be improved in a few simple ways: First, use the AXN™ Secure BYOID solution to allow customers to bring their own, familiar identity to your application, reducing the requirement for them to remember (and eventually be forced to reset) yet another password. Next, use AXN™ to record passive metadata about the user (device, location, IP, network) which can be rechecked on subsequent logins. Last, use the AXN™ to set up Adaptive Authentication policies which recheck the user asserted attributes and metadata on an ongoing basis (behind the scenes.) From a user experience perspective, the customer sees a seamless, frictionless login experience, while the AXN™ verifies that it’s a known user (with attributes reverified against 3rd party sources of truth), with a known device, in a known and trusted location. This fusion of security and user experience can be scaled across a single or thousands of applications using industry standard interfaces (SAML, OAuth2 and OpenID Connect.)

Bring Corporate IT user experience back to where it should be – be nice to your users, let them bring their own ID.

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