Identity Verification Template
Dynamic KBA

Verify users in seconds,
not days.

Dynamic KBA (Knowledge Based Authentication) allows you to verify your users by challenging them with personalized questions about their past. These questions are specific enough to prevent thieves from guessing correctly, but personalized enough to be easily answerable if the user really is who they claim to be. Adding dynamic KBA to your identity verification process is a quick and easy way to build trust with your user base, and can support account opening, password reset, KYC/AML, or NIST Level 2 use cases.

Process Overview

1. Identity Validation

- Validate individuals PII including name, address, DOB and SSN

2. Identity Verification

- User answers knowledge based questions generated specifically for them
Example: “type of car owned in 2012”
- User must get 2 out of 3 questions correct to pass.

3. Fraud Prevention

- Check for identity fraud indicators (deceased, synthetic, non-residential)
- Analyze environmental risk (device, location, network, user behavior) across full transaction

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