Life Sciences/Pharmaceutical, Healthcare Providers and Underwriters

ID DataWeb strengthens your existing cyber security IT infrastructure and investments with the addition of the Attribute Exchange Network Platform (AXN)​

With the pervasive digital transformation taking place in the healthcare space, patients are demanding better, faster and more convenient care. In turn, forward facing organizations are increasing their digital footprint to create more seamless experiences for their patients across all channels. How is your organization ensuring that your patients, physicians and employees are properly vetted, verified and trusted across your full digital footprint? What opportunities are there to reduce cost, increase user experience and enhance the security of your operations? ID DataWeb’s enterprise AXN delivers omni-channel verification services to enhance your existing investments with verified attributes across all channels – through simple, standards based interfaces.

Businesses in the healthcare industry face dozens of different human identity verification based use cases:

  • Hospital/Clinic/Healthcare Logon/Password Access/Verification
  • Customer Lost Password & Device Verification Check
  • Re-Issuing of Lost Logon Credentials Verification
  • Fraud Monitoring, In-Bound Call Center “PII Spoofing” Prevention
  • OFAC Checklist, Dark-Web and Watchlist Verification
  • Participants in Phase 1 Studies, Researchers Testing for New Drugs
  • Dispense, Order & Track Prescriptions by Physicians and Hospitals
  • MFA “Step-Up” for B2B, B2C Web Access for Customers
  • GDPR compliance and PII Data Rights Management


Single Integration Point to a network of 70+ services support 100+ countries across 3 tiers of identity verification – legal identity, relationships, and environmental context

Integrate hosted KYC solutions tailored to your requirements and UX with your existing security systems via industry standard OpenID Connect, SAML, or Oauth2

Preconfigured templates for simplified compliance (International KYC, US investor verification)

Configurable policy engine to map complex scenarios using cross-provider risk scores

User consent and PII management supports compliance (GDPR, HIPAA, FCRA)

End user ability to manage access to all personal data, and remove at a whim


AXN Verify
Dynamic Identity Verification

  • One time verification for new account openings
  • Access to over 70+ verification services for 100+ countries
  • Chain verification policies based on outcome to balance UX and security

AXN Manage
Adaptive Authentication & Single Sign On

  • Bind verified identity claims to any federated identity credential for ongoing access
  • Detect anomalies based on ongoing identity reevaluation at each login
  • Trigger step-up challenges based on changes to verified identity attributes
  • Applies across single applications, enterprises, and communities

Our Attribute Exchange Network (AXN) integrates seamlessly in to your existing security deployments. Get access to multiple API integrations, all in one location through one contract.

  • US PII Verification
  • International PII Verification
  • Government Issued ID Verification
  • Device Identity Evaluation
  • CAPTCH Toolsets
  • Second Factor Authentication Providers
  • Conditional Step-ups Based Company Policies
  • PII Data Storage and Consent – Enabling GDPR Compliance
  • Password Reset, Forgotten Password Workflows

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