ID DataWeb Welcomes Hank Thomas To Board Of Directors

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ID DataWeb Welcomes Hank Thomas To Board Of Directors

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Hank Thomas, CEO of Strategic Cyber Ventures

Washington, D.C.- February 13th, 2018 – ID DataWeb, Inc. announced that Hank Thomas, CEO of Strategic Cyber Ventures, is joining its board of directors. Thomas’s addition to the board brings over 20 years of corporate and national cybersecurity experience, changing the way the industry views and solves the rapidly growing identity verification challenge.

Confidently confirming the identity of entities entering and operating on networks continues to be huge security problem for corporations and governments around the world. ID DataWeb was founded to do just that, in a cloud-based, effective, unique, fast, and affordable way. ID DataWeb’s Attribute Exchange Network (AXN) provides global, dynamic human identity verification, while pulling from dozens of the best attribute and identity providers, leveraging hundreds of individual services to meet identity verification requirements. Headquartered in suburban Washington D.C., ID DataWeb’s customers are able to immediately establish or enhance their identity, security, and privacy programs with interoperable and easy to implement solutions. The AXN cloud service provides easy to use, real-time identity proofing, multifactor authentication, and enhanced privacy for constituents within and between industry ecosystems.

“For the past decade, the cybersecurity industry pushed to the perimeter, then retreated to the endpoint. Meanwhile foreign information warfare campaigns and criminal syndicates continue to socially engineer their way into Western networks, both physically and virtually. Identity and access management has not evolved to address this problem with an actionable solution until now. ID DataWeb is the first capability that brings all of the required components for an effective program onto one affordable platform,” says Thomas.

In addition to greatly enhanced identities management and security, ID DataWeb offers the ability to rapidly comply with emerging global privacy and security laws like the European General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, and integrates smoothly into emerging blockchain technology-based solutions.

“We welcome Hank to our team of experienced security executives. He brings a wealth of expertise and insight in both business initiatives and identity management cyber solutions that complement our 2018 strategy. We are excited to collaborate on strategic initiatives and benefit from Hank’s insight in to several breakout communities such as blockchain and cryptocurrency identity authorization,” says David Coxe, CEO of ID DataWeb.

Privacy and security concerns are at the forefront of the American and global conversation. Everyone knows that even marginally capable but determined criminals and nation states can circumvent the most popular cybersecurity controls on the market today. Cost effective, cloud-based, identity verification and proofing, that allow you to enhance your ability to challenge and verify entities entering or operating on your network, based on a real time business and security decisions, is long overdue.