Easy and free identity verification Proof of Concept

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Easy and free identity verification Proof of Concept

Seeing is believing. One of the main competitive advantages that ID Dataweb has is our robust orchestration and workflow capabilities. Our Attribute Exchange Network orchestrates signals from over 70 different attribute sources, compositing signals from sources such as credit bureaus, telco data, network data, risk consortiums and government IDs to form a consolidated trust score. We offer multiple templates analyzing factors such as “what you are,” “what you have,” and “what you know.” You can then configure your policies to run through a workflow that steps your good actor user from one template to another to give them multiple chances to pass. And all of these workflows are designed to ensure that bad actors do not pass. As I said, seeing is believing so we have constructed a self service POC for you to see and believe.

Easy Proof of Concept for the identity verification workflow


This self service workflow is a curated, narrated view using test data. We explain each step in the actual interface that the user will see but instead of entering your own PII, we have entered the data of a fictional user that leads to a specific result. The flow is easy to understand as you do it, but I’ll explain now anyway:



1.     The user begins a flow that verifies their identity by proving both phone ownership AND phone possession. We triangulate the user’s personal information with a credit bureau, match that to the owner of the phone being used, run a risk analysis on the device, and prove that the user has possession of the phone with an OTP. The fictional user will pass this step.

2.     We then run the same test but the fictional user is using a VOIP phone whose ownership cannot be verified, so we step them up to a selfie to license match. This is the only step that requires your actual information (that we do not store of course) where we need your mobile number to do the selfie and license scan. We have configured this step to pass even if you scan your library card so that you can see the ease of the process.



By having the multi-step workflow, we routinely see pass rates of good actors in the 90-95% range. Compare that to any single process that you see in the market and you will easily see the advantage of getting customers, partners, and employees verified and getting access immediately. Without the costly help desk intervention that you often see from build your own or other vendor solutions.



What do I do if I want to try live data?


We, of course, offer free proofs of concept using live data giving you the chance to use any of our pre-built templates and workflows that over 160M+ transactions processed have proven to be the gold standards. Once you complete the test data POC, you will see a recording of the analytics and reporting that we provide for each transaction. With the live data POC, you will have access to the full dashboard and admin console.



So why do we do this test data POC? First, it gives you the actual experience a user will undergo and highlights the value of the workflows. Second, you don’t have to talk to a salesperson to view it. And third, it is very valuable to show to your line of business and application owners so you don’t have to explain all of the technical intricacies of identity verification. They will see it.