Cost Reduction

Identity & access management projects are known to be some of the most complex, costly and high risk IT projects that a company can face. In return, the cost to implement and run these systems can easily run into the millions, leaving financial controllers & accountants scratching their heads on how to get spend under control. 

Most companies act as their own identity provider (IDP,) meaning they are responsible for issuing IDs, storing and securing passwords, providing login screens, and allowing routes for customers to reset or recover lost passwords. In the meantime, customers and employees are sick and tired of being required to create a new account for each new website.

AXN allows companies to take the bold step of eliminating themselves as an identity provider, allowing their constituents to bring their own identity (public, corporate, or other) to prove who they are. AXN™ does this by allowing a corporation to put users through a “trust elevation” process using their own selected identities, which adds identity verification, additional credentials (certificates, device ID, biometrics), and ongoing adaptive authentication to existing identities. This allows companies to phase out and eliminate costly authentication systems, while in turn allowing customers to consolidate and simplify their digital identities.

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