One contract gives your business access to our entire ecosystem of identity providers. 

solution features

One Contract - A Full Ecosystem of Identity Providers

Our ecosystem ties the world’s top identity verification, multi-factor authentication, and login services together through a single cloud interface. One contract through us gives your company access to our entire ecosystem without the tiring process of having to vet and on-board new identity providers.

Custom Verification & Authentication Policies

Our solutions enable creation of custom verification and authentication policies to enable full life-cycle, self-healing trust with your users. Easily plug in to existing enterprise systems through simple integration. Through our user portal your chosen company admins have complete access to analytics and policy change on the fly.

Adaptive Challenges Based on Real World Attestations

Inject real world identity attestations to your online access decisions. Identify and handle changes in information such as employment and criminal background of individuals during on-boarding or continuous login to your application or website. Configurable policy engine which maps complex scenarios using cross-provider risk scores from our ecosystem.

Privacy by Design Drives Future Proof Compliance

We are constantly researching and updating the capabilities of our services based on regulation changes around the world. Our solutions provides user consent and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) management relating to regulations such as GDPR, HIPPA and FCRA.

Focused business solutions

Fraud Prevention

Each year, millions of people are the victims on online fraud. Bad guys are getting their hands on more credentials each year, and doing serious damage when they get them. We have the tools in our ecosystem to enable fraud prevention policies for your business.

Regulatory Compliance

Industry-specific regulatory compliance is a tough job, particularly when balancing federal and state requirements. With the ever-increasing risks presented by digital transactions, governing bodies are responding by increasing the depth and breadth of protective policies, leaving many organizations scrambling to respond.

Optimized User Experience

Consumer IT has outpaced Corporate IT. In previous decades, employees would look forward to their office experience due to the elevated technical capabilities provided by the office place – faster internet, access to broad ranges of digital services, IT support for when things don’t go correctly. Now, the tables have turned, and companies are struggling to keep up with end user expectations and demands.

Cost Reduction

Identity & access management projects are known to be some of the most complex, costly and high risk IT projects that a company can face. In return, the cost to implement and run these systems can easily run into the millions, leaving financial controllers & accountants scratching their heads on how to get spend under control.

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