The Attribute
Exchange Network

What is the attribute exchange network (AXN™)

The AXN™ is the only platform that ties top identity verification, multi-factor authentication, and login services together through a single cloud interface. The easy to use dashboard enables creation of custom verification and authentication policies to create full life-cycle, self-healing trust with your users.

Verify & Manage

The ID DataWeb Attribute Exchange Network (AXN™) is built on 2 components, each which provide specific features to enable ongoing verificaiton:


User Verification

Our system can instantly verify 3 aspects of your users – who they are, their physical context, and their relationships. The result is a simple score, which can drive decisions for account opening, authentication, or sensitive transactions.


Adaptive Authentication & Single Sign-On

With the AXN™ platform, you are able to elevate the level of trust in any identity system by incorporating verified attributes and strong login factors. The AXN™ is also able to perform ongoing global identity verification while rechecking attributes, biometrics, and device identity as often as needed to meet or exceed security requirements. It is structured to sit transparently between your users and apps, or is accessible via API. The AXN™ delivers solutions using industry standard protocols, making it simple to start from scratch, or integrate with your existing IT tools.

3 Tier Risk Engine

Our risk engine assess 3 levels of identity –

  1. Human Identity
  2. Environmental Context
  3. Relationships 

Confidence Score

After processing information through the 3 Tier Risk Engine, an aggregated confidence score is generated. This score is applied based on your custom policy standards.

Conditional Actions

After processing through the 3 tier risk engine and generating a confidence score, conditional actions take place based on custom policy – Pass, Fail, or Step-Up.

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