Achieve a secure frictionless digital experience for your customers

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Achieve a secure frictionless digital experience for your customers

Consumers want easy and expect secure. From the first registration interaction with a brand through each authentication all the way through a purchase, consumers expect a frictionless and secure experience.

Consumers do not want to repeatedly tell the brand who they are, authenticate multiple times, remember difficult complex passwords and jump through hoops to purchase and interact with that brand.

However, the brand needs to keep the consumers’ data secure, respect their privacy and ensure that the correct user has the correct access. And they need to build this system with limited resources. The digital experience has to be as easy and secure as an in person experience.

The Problem: who is on the other side of the transaction?

In the digital age, your consumer, the user, is a collection of ones and zeros that you need to rationalize as their identity. When initially interacting during the registration flow, you need to identify the user and verify that they are, in fact, the actual person you expect on the other side.

You have to be able to perform this verification without the user ever leaving the registration flow; it needs to be a seamless part of your digital experience, matching your brand and adding security without adding friction. If the consumer cannot be verified, you cannot provide services to them, so it is essential that you get them through this process without roadblocks. On the flip side, the consumer needs to trust that you have their security in mind, that offering up credit card information or PII helps you secure their information as well as your business.

In the end, you need to know that the collection of zeros and ones is actually a person that you want to sell to, provide services to and treat as a loyal customer.

The Solution: Auth0 and ID Dataweb

Auth0 and ID Dataweb combine to offer a seamless secure experience for a consumer’s digital identity. Starting at registration, a consumer’s physical and virtual identities are linked and verified through a robust orchestration of their device, identity attributes and biometrics. Once registered, the user experience is streamlined to provide adaptive authentication, robust access controls and user management. The flexible building blocks and configuration capabilities of the joint solution make a secure frictionless user experience simple to build.

The Auth0 identity operating system is made up of a set of extensible building blocks–exposed through APIs, protocols and low code tools– that provide a great user experience for operators of the identity ecosystem. When implemented fully, this operating system will solve any CIAM use case without compromising convenience, privacy, or security. Enterprises get the adaptability, modularity, breadth that they need to manage their identity needs.

Identity verification solves the link between a user’s physical and virtual identities. Employing a robust orchestration between the common factors of what a user has (i.e., phone), what a user knows (KBA) and what a user is (biometrics), establishes the connection between a user’s digital and physical identities. Employing workflows to establish the correct level of trust for that specific interaction guarantees the best blend of security and friction for an organization to know exactly who their customer is.

By combining Auth0 and ID Dataweb, an enterprise gets adaptable workflows for the entire lifecycle of a user, a fully customized CIAM solution designed for YOUR users, and security through the initial and ongoing identity needs through a consumer’s entire brand interaction.

Integration is easy, it’s all in the actions

Auth0 and ID Dataweb teamed up to ensure that integration into your customer portal is simple and easy. Simply, click the “Add Integration” button from the Auth0 marketplace, follow the instructions and you can get identity verification for your customers in one place. Easy, seamless and secure, just like your customers want it.