A leading online gaming platform increased customer registration with seamless identity verification

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A leading online gaming platform increased customer registration with seamless identity verification

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Problem: Automating customer registration and verification

The company is a leading provider of online and in person gaming, providing a unique cross platform gaming and wagering experience in the United States. They provide a loyalty and gaming platform that requires regulatory compliance to ensure the safety and security of their users. Matching a digital identity to a physical identity is not only good business but required. Their legacy verification solution provided sub-par pass rates of only 70%, leading to customer drop off and manual intervention.

Goal: To onboard users & verify their identities without friction

With hundreds of thousands of users registering each year, the company needs to be able to provide a frictionless yet secure onboarding experience into their gaming and loyalty application. It is essential that users onboard with the least amount of friction and the highest pass rates for the “good guys.”

Strategy: Use identity verification workflows and orchestration to increase pass rate

The company decided upon an identity verification workflow to increase pass rates while keeping the “bad guys” out. By linking several templates from the least friction to the most secure, the company could progressively verify users through several factors: first checking what they have, then what they are, and then what they know. If a user passed the first test, they were registered only going on to the subsequent test if they could not pass the first. Using this method, the company is able to achieve a 95%+ pass rate. This additional 27% pass rate equates to thousands of extra paying customers per year with no manual intervention needed.

Results: 27% higher pass rate equals 27% more paying customers*

By increasing the pass rate for “good guys,” the company was able to increase the number of customers seamlessly and quickly getting on the platform to generate revenue. Most users (70%) passed the lowest friction verification template (MobileMatch); of those that were not able to pass that test another 70% passed the document scan to selfie match (BioGovID); of the remainder, another 70% were able to pass the dynamic KBA (knowledge based answers) to achieve an amazing 97% pass rate through an automated branded experience.

* All numbers have been rounded to protect the security and identity of the company in this example.