Adaptive Authentication is the step up your organization needs to protect your users.


Credential theft is widespread and hackers constantly change their method of attack. Our risk based approach to authentication anticipates threats and provides dynamic, real time security that doesn’t slow down your business or create friction for your users. The Achilles heel in cybersecurity is the theft of user credentials. Cybercriminals routinely compromise credentials and masquerade as insiders. Adaptive authentication allows CISOs to respond to the cyber-intrusions by mitigating the utility of stolen credentials and access controls.


Our Adaptive Authentication solutions can analyze thousands of risk indicators including watch lists to detect suspicious or anomalous activity or behavior.

When potential risks or policy exceptions are detected, additional authentication factors are employed and users are presented with step-up challenges to confirm their identity. These additional authentication factors include device reputation, geo-location, behavioral analytics, and more. ID Data Web's Adaptive Authentication provides the most advanced capabilities available in the market to appropriately balance security and user experience.

Device Recognition
Threat Protection
Fraud Prevention
Behavioral Biometrics
Identity Governance
User Behavior Analytics

Basic Configuration

Activate the following features to deploy this solution.

Verify: ID Verification

Trust: Account Linking + Active 2F Provisioning

Extend: Adaptive Authentication


This solution is available through the AXN Gateway.

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