AXN Gateway

The gateway is your one stop shop for user verification, trust and ongoing access. With AXN Gateway, you can offload registration & verification to fully enabled, hosted process. Set AXN between users and apps for ongoing attribute reverification & adaptive authentication. AXN Gateway also gives you full access to configure the features based on your use cases.

The AXN Gateway Deployment

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Attribute Exchange Network (AXN)

The Attribute Exchange Network (AXN) is an integrated identity security platform which provides digital identity proofing, flexible account onboarding, strong authentication, and attribute based access control in a seamless, integrated experience. AXN provides a comprehensive suite of digital verification services with coverage of over 4 billion people, 100 million businesses and governments in more than 40 countries.

AXN Verify API

Take advantage of the full suite of AXN identity verification, enrichment and cleansing services with a simple to use, powerful REST API. One interface for over 50 services.

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