The Attribute Exchange Network

The Attribute Exchange Network (AXN™) is an integrated identity security platform which provides digital identity proofing, flexible account onboarding, strong authentication, and attribute based access control in a seamless, integrated experience. AXN™ provides a comprehensive suite of digital verification services with coverage of over 4 billion people, 100 million businesses and governments in more than 40 countries.

With the AXN™ platform, you are able to elevate the level of trust in any identity system by incorporating verified attributes and strong login factors. The AXN™ is also able to perform ongoing global identity verification while rechecking attributes, biometrics, and device identity as often as needed to meet or exceed security requirements. It is structured to sit transparently between your users and apps, or is accessible via API.

Simplify the process of establishing trust and the security of your digital identity through the AXN™.


No hardware required. Start elevating trust & expanding digital experiences.


Enhance existing deployments. Fill gaps in existing identity, security or CRM solutions.


Standards based interfaces. Expand and customize based on your requirements.


Take the guess work out of identity compliance. Choose deployments based on industry, regulations, or risks.

How it Works: Verify, Trust, Access.


Verify identities against our global network of Attribute Providers.

Global User Verification

Digitally verify user’s identity in 40+ countries using country specific, low latency techniques

Profile Enrichment

Uncover and verify user affiliations, including employment, education, and criminal check

User Data Cleansing

Increase usefulness of datasets – expand incomplete user profiles to include critical data


Trust user identity credentials with a world wide range of Identity Providers.

Account Provisioning

Create new digital accounts using industry standard SCIM interfaces

Account Linking

Bind elevated trust to existing accounts – Corporate SSO, public (Google, Facebook)

Passive 2F Provisioning

Trust device identity, location, and other user metadata for ongoing transparent trust

Active 2F Provisioning

Provisioning step up 2nd factors, including Biometrics, OTP, or FIDO compliant tokens

Issue Digital Certificates

Provision digital certificates for authentication, signing and encrypted communications


Increase access with single-sign on, adaptive authentication, and strong user privacy.

Policy Setup & Enforcement

Configure policy for ongoing attribute reverification, step up authorization

Attribute Reverification

On login attempts, reverify user attributes against 3rd party sources to detect anomalies

Credential Reverification

Reverify passive and/or active credentials for ongoing trust and secure access

Adaptive Authentication

Handle anomalies with step up authentication, bringing strong security

User Managed Console

Allow users to control access to personal data to meet GDPR requirements

AXN™ is Available in Two Deployments

AXN™ Gateway

Offload user registration and identity verification to AXN’s™ fully brandable, cloud-based registration process. Use standard protocols to transparently place AXN™ in front of your apps for ongoing attribute reverification & adaptive authentication.

AXN™ Verify API

Take advantage of the full suite of AXN™ identity verification, enrichment and cleansing services with a simple to use, powerful REST API. One interface for over 50 services.

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