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No matter what your company does, ID DataWeb’s solutions are flexible enough to support industry sectors and any company size through our Attribute Exchange Network (AXN™). While traditional approaches exist in silos, ID DataWeb offers a scalable suite of tools which can be customized to your security and business objectives. Take a look at some of the industry examples below to learn more.

Financial Services

The Financial Services industry continues to convert services from analog to digital providing more control, flexibility, access, privacy and security for customers.


The Healthcare industry is transforming to support more automated patient centric services providing additional control, flexibility, access, privacy and security to health care professionals.


Governments are implementing new strategies and technologies to abate the global impact of cyber threats. Identity solutions are needed to protect user credentials, personal information shared within and across government agencies, and mitigate digital insider threats.

Information & Communications

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The Entertainment industry is focused on driving operational efficiencies while innovating and adopting new technologies to support the content development and delivery lifecycle.


The Retail industry continues to be a major target for data breaches which impact consumer confidence and escalating financial damage.


The Education industry is leveraging online services to support communications, information sharing, applications and services, distance learning, and course management.


The Internet of Things industry is starting to yield real-world applications from connected cars and homes to personal health monitoring devices with an estimated 40 billion devices by 2020.


With growing pressure on cryptocurrency exchange and digital wallet based companies to comply with international regulations, ID DataWeb is here to make ongoing compliance simple.

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