International regulatory compliance for cryptocurrency exchanges

With growing pressure on cryptocurrency exchange and digital wallet based companies to comply with international regulations, ID DataWeb is here to make ongoing compliance simple.

International identity verification in compliance with KYC/AML regulation is a truly daunting task. At a high level, a single cryptocurrency exchange must address the following issues in relation to international KYC/AML:

» International identity verification (PII used against credit bureaus, etc.)
» International government issued ID verification services
» Device fingerprinting and risk analysis
» OFAC compliance
» Username and password management
» Multi-factor authentication
» Password reset, 2FA reset, and other account lock out remediation
» Data storage in compliance with global regulations (GDPR, etc.)


The SEC and international governments are implementing standards and regulations which will alter the way you handle Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Know Your Customer (KYC)

The process of a business identifying and verifying the identity of its clients.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

A set of procedures, laws and regulations designed to stop the practice of generating income through illegal actions.


Single Integration Point to a network of 70+ services support 100+ countries across 3 tiers of identity verification – legal identity, relationships, and environmental context

Integrate hosted KYC solutions tailored to your requirements and UX with your existing security systems via industry standard OpenID Connect, SAML, or Oauth2

Preconfigured templates for simplified compliance (International KYC, US investor verification)

Configurable policy engine to map complex scenarios using cross-provider risk scores

User consent and PII management supports compliance (GDPR, HIPPA, FCRA)

End user ability to manage access to all personal data, and remove at a whim


1. Configure

Crypto exchange owner chooses which countries and which techniques to verify users. There are many preconfigured templates available in the ID DataWeb system, which may include international PII verification, government issued ID scanning + facial comparison, device risk analysis, and others.

2. Integrate

Crypto exchange integrates their existing account creation and identity verification process with ID DataWeb’s attribute exchange network via industry standard OpenID Connect. IDW handles all attribute collection, verification, and decisioning in real time. Results are sent as an OpenID Connect response to the exchange to make final decision. IDW can also be integrated with the exchange’s login flows to reverify identity attributes on an ongoing basis, inspect device identity and user behavior for fraud, and trigger conditional step ups with the industry’s most widely used 2FA services, or more forward thinking solutions like mobile biometrics.

3. Test

ID DataWeb’s extensive suite of test data can be used to test all aspects of the integration, including international test data, documents, and preconfigured test cases.

4. Deploy

Verification services can be deployed on a rolling basis, or all at once across the globe.

5. Measure

When the service goes live, the results can be monitored in real time in ID DataWeb’s administrative console, where results can be evaluated, and services can be adjusted. For example, the customer may choose to change from one US credit bureau data source to another for a subset of their user base, and compare the results.

Our Attribute Exchange Network (AXN) integrates seamlessly in to your existing security deployments. Get access to multiple API integrations, all in one location through one contract.

  • US PII Verification
  • International PII Verification
  • Government Issued ID Verification
  • Device Identity Evaluation
  • CAPTCH Toolsets
  • Second Factor Authentication Providers
  • Conditional Step-ups Based Company Policies
  • PII Data Storage and Consent – Enabling GDPR Compliance
  • Password Reset, Forgotten Password Workflows


Cryptocurrency, Digital Wallets, and Upcoming Regulation

In this whitepaper, learn about how ID DataWeb solutions can help streamline cryptocurrency exchange based businesses achieve KYC/AML compliance.

ID DataWeb - The Overview

Looking for a brief overview of ID DataWeb? Use this two-page informational guide to learn what ID DataWeb is, and why you should contact us to complete your digital identity solution suite.

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