How Healthcare Based Companies Can Prevent Breaches of Personal Information – Adaptive Authentication

In light of the recent healthcare security breaches, we are proven time and time again that integrated identity security is crucial to the protection of personal information. 

What Most Recently Happened?

On May 28, 2017, an employee at LaunchPoint used identity theft to steal around 18,580 Medicare members’ data. The stolen data was sent to a rogue employee’s personal email. While it is not confirmed that the information that was stolen was misused, this does bring up the bigger issue of how identity is protected to ensure protected personal information is not leaked.

According to Anthem, the personal information contained:

  • Medicare ID numbers, (which includes a Social Security number)
  • Health plan ID numbers (HCID)
  • Medicare contract numbers
  • Dates of enrollment
  • Limited numbers of last names and birthdates

Currently, the employee is in prison for an unrelated crime. LaunchPoint continues to investigate this most recent breach to ensure the security of their customers and has put in place actions to further protect them. Click here to learn what you can do to protect your personal information if you are an Anthem Medicare member.

Closing the Identity Security Gap

Currently a surplus of companies are experiencing a huge gap in their identity security practices. While often security measures are put in place to authenticate and manage identities, the gap that continues to exist is the ongoing reverification of these identities and their attributes. Using tools such as Adaptive Authentication to ensure that an identity is always the correct identity is the solution that will put an end to breaches. By catching a rogue employee attempting to steal the private information through Identity Verification and Adaptive Authentication, those kinds of breaches would never occur. Read more about Adaptive Authentication and how ID DataWeb provides a full integrated identity suite to protect identities in any industry.

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